JSP Compilation in R12.2

Sometime after upgrade, cloning and patching front end login page is not opening showing blank page or showing “java.lang.StringIndexOutOfBoundsException” error.This issue was occurring due to cache is not cleared after upgrade/Cloning JSP Compilation stepsStep 1: Shutdown the application servicesStep 2: Take backup for the _Page(class file) folders $ cd $OA_HTML/WEB-INF/classes$ ls -lrt
$ mv _pages _pages_bkup<date> a$ cd $OA_HTML/WEB-INF/classes$ ls -lrt
$ mv _pages _pages_bkup<date>
$ mkdir _pages
$ ls -lrt Step 3: Run the below command $ perl $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/ --compile --flush -p 99Step 4: Start the application and clear browser cache.After completed the JSP compilation home page not coming please clear the image and style sheet cache alsoCaboImages and style sheets can be corrupted or out of sync in the cabo caches, you may need to clear the related directories after backup:Step1: Shutdown the services Step 2: BACKUP the files in the following di…

How to apply weblocig Patches in R12.2

Step 1: Download the Patch Oracle supportStep 2: Unzip the Patch file Patch file have (JAR) file and readme fileStep 3:  Place the Patches (For example Q3ZB.jar)in cache directory and no need to readme file[oracle@VIS cache_dir]$pwd/apps/VIS/r12/fs2/FMW_Home/utils/bsu/cache_dirStep 4: Source the Patch file system[oracle@VIS~]$. /apps/VIS/r12/fs2/EBSapps.env patch[oracle@VIS~]$echo $FILE_EDITIONPatch             Step 5: Apply the Patch using “BSU” Command[oracle@VIS bsu]$./ -install -patch_download_dir=/apps/VIS/r12/fs2/fs1/FMW_Home/utils/bsu/cache_dir -patchlist=Q3ZB -prod_dir=$FMW_HOME/wlserver_10.3Checking for conflicts..No conflict(s) detectedInstalling Patch ID: Q3ZB..Result: Success[oracle@VIS bsu bsu]$ Weblogic Patch commands:How to check installed patches?/ -prod_dir=$FMW_HOME/wlserver_10.3 -status=applied -verbose -viewHow to apply the Patch?./ -install -patch_download_dir=/apps/applmgr/r12/fs1/FMW_Home/utils/bsu/cache_dir -patchlist=Q3ZB -prod_dir=$FMW_HOME/…

Overview of oracle AWR report

Awr report is automatic workload repositoryIt’s introduced in oracle database 10GThis report stores data in sysaux tablespaceAWR report background process is MMON(Manageability monitor) and MMNL.AWR report collects, process and maintenance performance statists. It can’t give any recommendations.It’s retain the stats for 8-days by default.How to generate AER reportcd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/adminReport NameSQL ScriptsAWR Reportawrrpt.sqlAutomatic DB Diagnostics Monitor reportaddmrpt.sqlASH Reportashrpt.sqlAWR Diff periods Reportawrddrpt.sqlAWR Single SQL Statement Reportawrsqrpt.sqlAWR Global Reportawrgrpt.sqlAWR Global Diff Reportawrgdrpt.sqlAWR report AnalysisWe can’t analysis the all details in AWR report because It’s contains much data I will be cover top main steps to analysis awr reportTop 10 steps to analyses AWR reportDatabase detailsHost configurations