How to find EBS URL in R12.2

There are different way to find the EBS URL

Method 1

Login the R12.2 application server
Source the Env File

[oracle@san ~]$ grep login $CONTEXT_FILE
         <login_page oa_var="s_login_page"></login_page>

Method 2:

Connect sql plus apps user

SQL> SELECT home_url  FROM icx_parameters;


How to find Weblogic URL and PORT number:
Login the R12.2 application server
Source the Env File
[oracle@sanprod ~]$ grep s_wls_adminport $CONTEXT_FILE          <wls_adminport oa_var="s_wls_adminport" oa_type="PORT" base="7001" step="1" range="-1" label="WLS Admin Server Port">7002</wls_adminport> [oracle@sanprod ~]$

Weblogic Port Number:7002  Weblogic URL:http://<Hostname>7002/console

R12.2 forms performance issues

Most of the DBA’s are getting email/tickets to DEV/PROD instance forms are opening slow.
Before troubleshooting first we need to collect the below information from Users.
·Facing issues in all forms or any particular form?
·Facing issues all users or any particular user?

Scenario-1: All forms are opening slowly in particular machine? 1. Need to Clear internet browser history and cache.
Go to IEàInternet optionsàDelete browsing history.  2. Then need to check particular machine bandwidth connection/Machine              configuration/speed.
Facing issues all users?
1.Check server performance in OS level. Like CPU load, Any process                  consuming high memory.
2.Need to check any trace files enabled/disabled. If trace enabled then                disable it.
3.Need to check database alert log any issues happening on database side        like Deadlock and blocking/locking session
4.Need to check inactive session details
It’s happening particular forms?

1.Need to enable trac…

Difference between cmclean.sql and fnd_conc_clone.setup_clean

fnd_conc_clone is the package name
setup_clean is procedure name
After clone we must need to run the fnd_conc_clone.setup_clean script
It will be clear the below tables in target node information in to source node table
fnd_concurrent_queue_size fnd_concurrent_queues_tl fnd_concurrent_queue_size fnd_concurrent_queues fnd_nodes
$sqlplus apps/<apps_password>
SQL> exec fnd_conc_clone.setup_clean; PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. SQL> commit; Commit complete.
Once the script was executed must run the autoconfig in DB and Middle-Tier
We use the cmclean.sql scrip clean the running and pending requests
Down the concurrent manager and check if any concurrent program running/not(ps- ef |grep FNDLIBR, ps- ef |grep FNDOPP)
Cmclean.sql script is not recommended by oracle. R12 will user and 
concurrent manager recovery wizard.
It will be clear the below tables
 fnd_concurrent_processes fnd_concurrent_queues fnd_concurrent_requests fnd_conflict…

What is difference between static and dynamic parameter in oracle database

We need to check v$parameter table and find the coumn name in ISSUE_MODIFIABLE

Static parameter
The ISSUE_MODIFIABLE column value FALSE means parameters are static parameter
Static parameter values change the value in spfile only so we need to restart the database otherwise it  will be reflect on next database bounce.
Must we need to use scop=spfile
EX: SQL>Alter system set sga_max_size=50m scope=spfile;

Dynamic parameter:
The ISSUE_MODIFIABLE column value Immediate means parameter are dynamic parameter
We can change the dynamic parameter in anytime no need to bounce for this changes
This changes are applied in database memory and spfile
We can use scope=memory and scope=both parameters
EX: SQL> Alter system set log_archive_dest=’/u01/arch’ scope=both;

Meaning of scope= memory|spfile|both
Scope: Changes should be made in memory spfile and both areas
Scope=Memory: Change the parameter values in current running instance and dynamic parameters, changes are applied in memory only. No static parameter …

Oracle EBS R12 and R12.2 Difference

R12.2 having two file system fs1(Run), fs2(Patch) and fs_ne(log)
R12 only having application file system
R12.2 introduced online patching (adop)àClick hear
R12 using adpatchàClick hear
R12.2  introduced weblogic server
IAS_HOME(10.1.3)  replaced by FMW_HOME weblogic server
R12 FNDCPASS have only two steps àclickhear
R12.2 after completed FNCPASS utility need to change password in weblogic console àclick hear

Environment Variables in R12.2

In this post I will explain some user full basic Environment Variables
echo $FILE_EDITION run Showing which file system you are using run/patch
echo $RUN_BASE /oracle/apps/fs1 Showing run file system base location
echo $PATCH_BASE /oracle/apps/fs2 Showing patch file system base location
echo $NE_BASE /oracle/apps/fs_ne Showing non edition file system base location
echo $LOG_HOME /oracle/apps/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/logs Showing the instance log location
echo $ADOP_LOG_HOME /oracle/apps/fs_ne/EBSapps/logs/adop Showing the patch log file location
echo $ORACLE_HOME /oracle/apps/fs1/EBSapps/10.1.2 Showing the oracle home location (FROMS oracle home)
echo $IAS_ORACLE_HOME /oracle/apps/fs1/FMW_Home/webtier Showing the IAS home location (oacoer,OC4j)
echo $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME /oracle/apps/fs1/inst/apps/TEST/appl/admin/scripts Showing start/stop script location
echo $CONTEXT_FILE Showing the context file location

Interview preparation for APPS DBA’s

Beforegoing to the interview prepare the below concepts. It will be easy to crack the interview.
Oracle Database Architecture àClick hear
Tablespace concepts and commands àClick hear
Database creation steps àClick hear
Backup and recovery
Rman concepts and commands àClick hear
Database/Data files/Control file backup and recovery scenarios
EXPDP/IMPDP concepts and commands and parameters àClick hear
12C new features
Refer the scenarios based troubleshooting concepts like P1/critical PROD tickets.
Finally search in google and study the current interview questions.
3-Tier Architecture
File System
Patching adpatch/ADOP concepts and commands àClick hear
AD Utilities
Concurrent manager àClick hear